The U.S. Department of State’s August 2016 visa bulletin has been published.  Beginning August 1, 2016, EB-1 priority dates move back (“retrogress”) for:
EB-1 – retrogresses to January 1, 2010, for nationals of India
and China. The EB-1 category includes: (1) aliens of
extraordinary ability, (2) outstanding professors or researchers,
and (3) multinational managers and executives.
EB-2 – retrogresses to February 1, 2014, for the worldwide
category.  The EB-2 category includes: (1) members of the
professions holding advanced degrees, and (2) persons of
exceptional ability.
EB-4 – retrogresses to January 1, 2010, for nationals of India.
The EB-4 category includes: (1) certain special immigrants.
Categories are expected to advance in the October visa bulletin effective October 1, 2016, the first day of the federal fiscal year 2017.

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