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Changes to October 2015 Visa Bulletin

On September 9, 2015, the Department of State (DOS) and USCIS announced new procedures for individuals in family-based and employment-based immigrant visa backlogs to start their immigrant visa paperwork or apply for adjustment of status prior to their priority date being current.

Beginning with the October Visa Bulletin, there are now two charts: (1) An “Application Final Action Dates” chart (“Final Action Date”); and (2) a “Dates for Filing Applications” chart (“Filing Date”). These changes will impact immigrant visa applicants and adjustment of status applicants as follows:

Immigrant Visa Applicants (Consular Processing): The National Visa Center (NVC) will notify individuals with priority dates earlier than the date listed on the “Filing Date” chart that they may start the immigrant visa application process. A final decision will only occur when the priority date is current.

Adjustment of Status Applicants: Individuals physically present in U.S. that are eligible for adjustment of status continue to use the “Final Action Date” chart unless the Visa Bulletin indicates that they may instead use the “Filing Date” chart. USCIS determines which chart to use on a monthly basis.
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