2017 Diversity Lottery (“Green Card” Lottery) Opens

The US Department of State (DOS) has announced that registration for the 2017 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery (DV-2017) opened on October 1 and will close on November 3.

50,000 DV visa numbers are available for those lucky enough to qualify and be chosen.

Non-eligible DV countries for 2017: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom and its dependent territories (except Northern Ireland), and Vietnam.

If you were born in one of these countries you may still qualify based on your spouse’s place of birth. If you were born in an ineligible country where neither of your parents were born or classified as legal residents at the time of your birth, you can claim your parents’ place of birth as your own, instead.

There is no cost to register for the DV program.

The official website with DV instructions and eligibility information is:


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