On Friday, 1/27/17, Trump signed an executive order suspending admission to the United States of foreign nationals from the following countries for a period of at least 90 days: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.  Until further notice, foreign nationals from these countries are being refused admission back into the United States upon return from any international travel, effective yesterday.   Affected individuals include all citizens, nationals, dual citizens/nationals, permanent residents, and/or passport holders from these countries.  If they are currently in the US in any status – DO NOT LEAVE THE US.
Companies with foreign employees from these countries should not expect their employees to return to the US for at least 90 days and should not send their employees on any international trips at this time.
Suspension of Visa Interview Waiver Program – ALL countries affected
The executive order suspended the Visa Interview Waiver program.  This means all visitors will have to have an in-person interview for new or renewal of visa applications that will create a backlog of months.


Based on the language in the executive order issued on January 25, all foreign nationals in the US should have proof with them at all times that they have been physically in the US for two years.  Trump has expanded the expedited removal program from the border to a nation-wide net.  If a USICE official pulls over a foreign national and they cannot prove they have been in the US for at least 2 years, the officer / USICE have the authority to remove the person from the US without judicial review.  Abuse of this program is expected.


If any of these orders disturb you, contact your Congressional representatives and ask them to do their job.  On a personal note, this last week has been a disgrace to our country.

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